Facts About Graffiti

Regardless of the condition of any city, whether poor or rich, there is always an aspect of graffiti. At times you might never notice this but it is always there. It has become by itself a worldwide. The main question that many people get asking themselves is, where did this art start? When did it start? Does it have any legal issues? Graffiti has quite a historical up to where it has gotten t at this point in time. This article will focus on facts that you might never be aware of about graffiti.


What is graffiti?

Coming from the Italian word graffito, it is that practice of drawing different symbols, images or other words on surfaces. The symbols are either written in the public places and even on private surfaces. It calls for great talent as well as creativity.


Graffiti began in the late 1960s. Its beginning location in Philadelphia. In the olden day, graffiti used to make the political statement that you might be hearing of every single day. This is what makes you have a deeper understanding of what is happening in the political world. It also marked a street grand territory. Graffiti is actually associated with the gangs up to today. This is out of the use that it was mainly associated with.


Did you know that many graffiti artist will always tag their work? Every artist will have a unique tag, say of their signature, through this they are able to have many anonymous signs. They also have random symbols as well as numbers through which you are able to recognize them from any position.


Hip-hop has many elements like any other music. One of these elements is the graffiti. The others include the DJing, emceeing and most of all breakdancing. They wear bling blings and heavy jewelry (see: tips for cleaning gold jewelry). There are many people that have not yet embraced this culture thus bring this to happen.


Subway train has a great association to graffiti it has been very evident even through the subway surf game this bring them to a close like to understand how they relate. There is a subway graffiti that died to the heightened security in the 1980s. Through the greatest level of the subway train, you get to have a great amount of the graffiti from the rails. It is no longer working. The subway graffiti didn’t die completely but was able to revive back later.


Do you know any of the first time graffiti artist? One of them is the famous Cornbread. The story that brought to the making of this artist started first through the guy having a crush. He crushed on Cynthia a beautiful lady. He then wrote on the wall that, cornbread loves Cynthia. This was then written through the entire areas that he can get to win her affections. He realized that this was really a fan and went ahead to have Philadelphia tagged with his name. This is what led to the birth of the graffiti.


This is, therefore, an art that you will find fun in. it will make you happy and is quite rewarding. These that have more experience get to have more respect from the others. They are known as the kings and queens.