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Where is the hydraulic tubing joint? Huatai Hydraulic Pipe Fitting Manufacturer

Author: Huatai Hydraulic Source: creapax.com Time: 2017-6-25 Views: Baidu

Where is the hydraulic tubing joint ? Huatai Hydraulic Pipe Fitting Manufacturer

The hydraulic oil pipe joints produced by Huatai Company are famous all over the world for their unique performance. The products have obtained German Lloyds (GL), Lloyds Ship Inspection (LR), Norwegian Ships Inspection (DNV), American Shipbuilding Bureau (ABS), China Ship Class * (CCS), and other authority certification. It is widely used in hydraulic system pipelines in various industries such as electric power, marine, petrochemical, metallurgical, marine, and pharmaceutical industries.
Performance: Advanced structure, reliable seal and anti-pulling.
Easy assembly and disassembly, surface corrosion and scratch resistance.
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, galvanized and dull yellow treated steel pipe outer diameter: 4-38mm pressure: 630bar metric M / inch G / US UNF three standard Eaton Yonghua hose connectors: Where is the hydraulic tubing connector? Huatai Hydraulic Oil Pipe Fitting Manufacturer Preferred 15932432688
This product has excellent performance such as firm connection, convenient assembly and disassembly, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, etc. It has been widely used in hydraulic systems of various industries, and has been certified by DIN2008 authoritative department.
There are two levels of hose couplings.
Nominal diameter: 12-32mm pressure: 630bar
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass.
Metric M / Inch G / US UNF Three Standards
Where is the hydraulic tubing joint? Huatai Hydraulic Pipe Fitting Manufacturer
Features of Eaton standard metric hydraulic oil pipe joints: The crimping joint has the characteristics of reliable connection, high pressure resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, and safe and reliable work. Explosion protection and engineering operations
Hose connector installation form withholding typeVarious types of hydraulic hose connector material for carbon steel modelsApplicable scopeHydraulic hose
1: There are several commonly used hydraulic oil pipe joints such as A, B, C, D, F, G, H, and K; among them, various joints are divided into direct, 90-degree and 120-degree bends. Type A is a flat seal type, and D is a spherical seal type. It is generally used with type C. Type C is divided into 24.60. And 74 degrees; it is matched with 24 degrees G type, type and 74 degree G type in sequence; type B is a card type Joints are compatible with 24 degree C-type; F-type is a disc type joint, which is fixed on a flat surface with two clips, most of which are used in construction machinery; G-type is divided into 3 types, which are 24, 60, and 74 degrees, matched with the same degree of C type seal; H type is a seal groove machined on the 24 degree G type taper surface, and 24 degree C type seal; K type is a quick-change joint, it does not need a nut to tighten Solid, adopts piston plus Cashew type sealing method, easy to replace, often used in coal mines.
2: Hydraulic oil pipe joints are divided into many materials, such as carbon steel galvanized (common material), stainless steel, etc.
3: Hydraulic tubing joint products are temperature resistant and non-flammable.
4: Hydraulic oil pipe joints are resistant to high pressure and can withstand high pressure operations.
The hydraulic oil pipe joints produced by our company are all made of high-quality 45 # steel, the sleeves are all high-quality 10 # steel, the finish is above Ra3.2, the dimensions are accurate to 0.02 mm level, and the hose joint nuts are 45 # High-quality carbon steel and Q235 steel

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