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Withholding hose connector @ 福康 Withholding hose connector @ Withholding hose connector manufacturer

Author: Huatai Hydraulic Source: creapax.com Time: 2017-9-28 Views: Baidu

Withholding hose connector @ 福康Withholding hose connector @ Withholding hose connector manufacturer

Withholding hose connector manufacturers also exhibited a series of featured products at the last exhibition BICES 2011, such as Shantui's largest tonnage crawler bulldozer, SANY's longest boom truck, XCMG's largest tonnage truck crane, Jintai's largest continuous wall grab , Luojian's largest domestic full-hydraulic tire roller, CSR's largest torque output rotary drilling rig, and the most productive Gallon module asphalt mixing equipment all show the application results of the latest technology in the industry. At the same time, energy saving and emission reduction and noise reduction technologies are reflected in more and more exhibits. Such as mountain reconstruction machine electric excavators, Komatsu and Kobelco hybrid excavators, etc.

Hebei Jingxian Huatai Hydraulic Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Jingxian, Hebei Province, the famous town of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings. The company has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 300km away from the capital Beijing and 1 hour away from the high-speed rail; 1000km away from Shanghai and 4 hours away from the high-speed railway; it is near Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, and convenient import and export of goods. Strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, complete testing methods, reliable product quality.

Withholding hose connector manufacturers specializing in the production of various specifications of hose joints (metric, inch, US), transition joints (metric, inch, US), coal mine joints, engineering machinery joints, welded pipe joints, ferrule joints, mining Fittings, hydraulic joints , oil fittings , processing various special-shaped joints, producing various non-standard product hose joints , stainless steel joints , crimping hose joints , high-pressure hose joints according to user needs. Production of high-quality 45 # steel, the sleeves are all high-quality 10 # steel, the finish is above Ra3.2, the dimensions are accurate to the level of 0.02 mm, and the hose joint nuts are all 45 # high-quality carbon steel and Q235 steel

Withholding hose connector manufacturers have professional product designers and production management teams; skilled operation experts and experienced sales elites to ensure that they provide customers with high-quality products and services. At the same time relying on modern science and technology, strict quality management network and advanced production technology to ensure product quality, has won the reputation of customers.

The manufacturer of withholding hose joints will sincerely exchange and cooperate with all users and friends with first-class design, first-class products and first-class service. We sincerely hope that users will provide valuable suggestions.

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