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Hebei Eaton standard hose connector manufacturers

Author: Huatai Hydraulic Source: creapax.com Time: 2017-5-27 Views: Baidu

Hebei Eaton Standard Hose Coupling Manufacturers introduce the reasons for oil leakage from high-pressure hose joints. There are several reasons for leakage of high-pressure hose joints : “о” ring is leaking due to aging or deformation; The flattened or "о" ring is cut to cause leakage; the "о" ring is not compacted and the amount of elastic deformation is insufficient to cause leakage; the "о" ring's groove is too deep to cause leakage. In this regard, it is necessary to re-select the "о" ring with the same outer diameter and a thicker cross section. The sealing plane with a notch groove can also be cut or ground to reduce the depth of the notch groove and make "о" The ring has a sufficient amount of elastic deformation (the compression amount should generally be between 0.35-0.65mm). For leaks at pipe joints using oil-resistant rubber sheets, wool felt, soft steel cardboard, combined gaskets or sealants, no matter what the material is, first check the seals for damage, deformation, aging, and excessive roughness. And take the appropriate action.
High-pressure hose connector leak prevention hose connector
In the hydraulic system, whether it is a metal pipe joint or a hose joint, there is a problem that leakage is easy to occur. For ferrule type pipe joints, most of the pipe is subject to large external or impact forces, which will cause the ferrule to be loose or the pipe end face deformed to cause leakage. At this time, the ferrule should be checked for out-of-roundness, cutting edges, and tube ends. Intact and the tightness of the ferrule nut, etc., but also eliminate the external force of the pipeline. For flared pipe joints, most of the flared pipe joints are leaked due to excessive flaring, substandard quality or multiple disassembly, resulting in deformation or cracking of the flared. At this time, the front end can be cut off and reflared. If the male and female cones are used for sealing, most of the leakage is due to the damage of the two cones. The cones can be ground with abrasive sand. In some cases with "о" ring seal against the end face or outer diameter.
Our company specializes in manufacturing transition joints , hose joints, hose joints , tubing joints, engineering hydraulic joints , coal mine K-type joints , stainless steel joints
The crimping hose joints produced by our company are all made of high-quality 45 # steel, the sleeves are all high-quality 10 # steel, the finish is above Ra3.2, the dimensions are accurate to the level of 0.02 mm, and the hose joint nuts are 45 # high-quality carbon steel and Q235 steel "Sales Attitude": quality assurance, honest service, timely delivery!
"Sales Purpose": Creating value for customers is our eternal goal!
"Service Description": A large number of spot delivery to all parts of the country with tax (17%) including shipping!
"Product Quality": strict quality management system, ISO9000 quality system certification!
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