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High-pressure hose connector manufacturers introduce the role of high-pressure hose connectors and hose accessories

Author: Huatai Hydraulic Source: creapax.com Time: 2017-6-11 Views: Baidu

High-pressure hose joint manufacturers introduce the role of high-pressure hose joints and hose accessories. In order to obtain the best performance and maximum safety of high-pressure hoses in use, it is important that the joints and accessories have the correct type and size, and the hose is required to follow the recommended style. installation. These guidelines apply both to hoses and some other connections, as well as to pipe head mountings;
The use of hoses is very wide-especially those that use flexible hoses to transmit hydraulic and pneumatic power-which have led to the same extensive planning and production scale for hose joints . A variety of proprietary branded hose joints and accessories can be purchased in the mall, some of which are universal, while others are related to highly specialized applications. Some hose fittings used by some hose manufacturers are planned by the factories themselves, and some special trademarks are purchased from shopping malls. Some of them conform to national or international norms, while others are provided or planned by users.
The role of high-pressure hose joints and hose accessories is many large households using hoses. Especially those who have the foundation to meet the project, high-pressure hose joints such as national railways, household equipment (such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners) manufacturing plants, automotive industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, Hose joints and fittings are usually specified with their own planning.
High-pressure hose joint manufacturers specialize in producing high-pressure hose joints , hose joints , transition joints , stainless steel joints , crimping hose joints . The crimping hose joints produced are all made of high-quality 45 # steel, and the sleeves are all high-quality 10 # steel. The finish is above Ra3.2, the dimensions are accurate to 0.02 mm level, and the hose joint nuts are 45 # high quality carbon steel and Q235 steel.

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