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Where is the high pressure connector? Professional manufacturer of high pressure hose joints in Hebei

Author: Huatai Hydraulic Source: creapax.com Time: 2017-6-21 Views: Baidu

Where is the high pressure hose joint ? Hello, professional manufacturer of high-pressure hose joints in Hebei. Dear customers, First of all, you are welcome to visit our company's website and delay your reading for a few minutes.
Our company is a professional manufacturer of a series of joints such as high- pressure and high - pressure hose joints , high-pressure hose joints , hydraulic joints, etc. The customers are supplied all over the country. Non-standard metal hose joints, metal hose joints , transition joints, etc. are made strictly in accordance with the drawings provided by you, and interested customers can be connected by telephone.
The company is an ISO9001 international quality management system certification enterprise. It has complete quality testing equipment and a sound quality management system to test raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, so that product quality is reliably guaranteed.
Some joints on the market are very cheap. Why are they cheap? Nothing more than two points.
1: The raw material of the high-pressure hose connector is not good. They use some inferior raw materials, and the quality of the processed products is difficult to guarantee. As the saying goes, clever women are hard to cook without rice. If the raw materials are not good, the production technology is not advanced, and the defective products are produced.
Our company uses high-quality No. 45 steel raw materials. No. 45 steel has good machinability (no burrs on the lathe, and the finished product has a high degree of finish), good plasticity, and good toughness.
2: Processing technology of high-pressure hose joints . The data of the same model of product may be much different by the caliper measurement. It causes customers a lot of inconvenience in use (such as the connector core is thick, can not be installed on the oil pipe or the pitch is not qualified, resulting in the interface can not be connected, etc.).
Our company has a precision machining workshop, more than a hundred CNC lathes, dozens of skilled workers, and the dimensions of some of the products are accurate to 0.02 millimeters, which solves all the problems of joint products in use.
Our company promises to all customers that the qualified rate of our products reaches 99.9%. No one can guarantee a 100% pass rate. Products are artificial, and 100% pass is impossible. We can only do our best to maximize the product qualification rate.

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