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Soft rubber joint

Flexible rubber joints, commonly known as flexible rubber joints, are patented products produced by our factory in accordance with relevant international GWB technical standards for 90 years. Their products are widely used in water, electricity, chemical, and shipbuilding systems. The main performance is high pressure resistance (1.0-6.4MPa). ), Good elasticity (can be axial, lateral angular displacement) to reduce noise (under normal circumstances, can reduce structural transmission noise of 15-30 decibels), light weight, vibration reduction, easy installation, flexible use, easy disassembly and maintenance, At the same time, it has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance and oil resistance. During the use of this shock absorber, the natural weather resistance (-30 degrees-+80 degrees) can be automatically extended. Its structural material uses dipped nylon curtain cloth, 1MPa guarantees 14-16 layers, and the inside and outside are made of high-strength anti-aging polar rubber material. In order to prevent the product from shrinking naturally and reducing aging cracks in long-term use, mesh wire is used. Multibody protection. 优质产品”、 信得过产品”。 It can replace other telescopic products widely used in power plants, water plants, sewage plants, chemical industry, and metallurgical industries. After the China Architectural Design Institute, the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, the Ministry of Metallurgy in the joint inspection, random inspection and testing in 1993, the main technical indicators, work The pressure, burst pressure, vacuum degree, applicable temperature and applicable medium (acid and alkali resistance) have reached the corresponding indicators, and are designated as "recommended products" and "designated products" in the same industry. The main materials are neoprene, natural rubber and three Yuan Yibing Rubber is fully qualified by random inspection by the technical supervision department in batches. The use of this product has no pollution to humans and no side effects. Therefore, it has been rated as " quality product" and " trustworthy product" in provinces and cities for years .
Main material:

Serial number
Inner rubber
Heat-resistant rubber (NR, EPDM, NBR, SI, etc.)
Outer glue
Anti-aging rubber (NR, EPDM, NBR, SI, etc.)
Enhancement layer
Nylon cord fabric
Booster ring
Wire rope
Q235, A3

     Technical conditions:
Working pressure MPa (Kgf / cm 2 )
1 (10)
1.6 (16)
2.5 (25)
Burst pressure MPa (Kgf / cm 2 )
2 (20)
3 (30)
4.5 (45)
Vacuum degree KPa (mmHg)
53.3 (400)
86.7 (650)
100 (750)
Applicable temperature ℃
-15 ~ 115 special up to -30 ~ 250
Applicable medium
Air, compressed air, water, sea water, oil, acid, alkali, etc.

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