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651 rubber water stop <br /> Category: rubber water stopRelease date: 2017-8-1
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651 rubber water stop is made of domestic high-quality standard natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers as main raw materials, mixed with various accelerators and fillers, and is made by plasticizing, mixing, vulcanizing, and molding. Hose products.

651 rubber waterstop is the most commonly used type of waterstop. It is a middle-buried rubber waterstop. The common specifications of 651 rubber waterstop are 300 * 6mm, 300 * 8mm, etc. There are 3 protruding corrugations on each side of the center hole.

The 651 water stop is the use of the high elasticity of rubber, which produces elastic deformation under various pressure loads, thereby acting as a solid seal, which can effectively prevent the building structure from leaking, seeping water, and acting as a shock absorber. In the design of many large-scale engineering buildings in the country, there are certain expansion and contraction requirements between civil and water and soil structures, and there are requirements for waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, the use and installation of rubber waterstops are effective solutions to the problems encountered in the above projects.

Type 651 water stopper performs the standard rubber water stopper. The production is completely produced by the national GB18173.2-2000 "Polymer Waterproof Material-Water Stopper" standard organization. We can produce a variety of waterstop shapes and sizes according to user requirements. In addition, we also have cross type, T-shaped, slope type and inner and outer corner rubber waterstop joint products for different projects and different parts. For any design requirements.

651 rubber waterstop is used in waterproofing of deformation deformation joints of underground structures, dams, storage tanks, swimming pools, roofs and other building materials and structures. This product is mainly used in foundation works, underground facilities, tunnel culverts, aqueducts, water retaining dams, etc., which are set in the construction joints and deformation joints when concrete is cast in place, to ensure the service life of the project.

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