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Water- proof swelling water stop strip <br /> Category: Rubber Water Stop Release Date: 2017-8-1
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The water-swelling waterstop is based on good-performance bentonite as a basic raw material. Through physical and chemical modification, it has excellent water-swelling performance and the elasticity of general elastomers. It is directly pasted on concrete by virtue of its own viscosity. On the joints of construction joints and post-cast joints, after the joints are concreted (that is, wrapped in concrete), it is an ideal environmentally-friendly waterproof material, which has been adopted by many large and medium-sized water conservancy projects in the country.

Product Features:
1. Its water-blocking principle is that the water-stop strip preset in the leaking water gap under the constraint condition (that is, under the condition of being wrapped by concrete) swells the water-stop strip, blocks, blocks, and leaks the source of water.
2. High expansion ratio and strong mobile complementarity. The water stop placed at the construction expansion joint and the post-cast expansion joint has a strong balance and self-healing function, and can automatically block new micro-cracks caused by settlement expansion joints.
3. For the completed project, if the expansion joint leaks finely, the water stop can be used to stop the leak.
4. The waterproof and anti-permeability effect is better than the traditional steel plate, rubber and plastic water stop, and the construction method is simple and easy, saving labor and time.
5. The main material is inorganic mineral raw material, which has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance and no pollution.

Scope and conditions: This product is suitable for the concrete construction expansion joints, bridge expansion joints, post pouring joints, through-wall pipes, plate joints, wall expansion joints to prevent water leakage and seepage control of concrete cracks. Widely used in basement, basement garage, storage tank, sedimentation tank, subway, highway, railway tunnel and other underground construction projects.

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