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Withholding Hose Couplings <br /> Category: High Pressure Hose Couplings Release Date: 2017-8-18
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National standard metric A, C, D, H type connector series British and American standard connector series Heavy engineering machinery connector series Coal mine connector series desktop

The quasi-joint joint series hinge joints, hollow bolts series transition joints series make various special-shaped pipe fittings according to customer requirements.

Fully crimped high - pressure hose joints are carefully compiled on the basis of relevant standards of national ministries and commissions, referring to the standards and structures of Germany, the United States, Japan, and other countries, and combining various types of connections and seals commonly used in the market. , Reasonable structure, easy to use and so on.
Our company can produce non-standard connectors other than the samples according to user needs. Most of the products are processed by numerical control equipment, with excellent quality and good interchangeability. The elbow adopts the overall processing and cold bending forming manufacturing process, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.

In addition, we can provide non-standard joints, hard pipe joints, hose joints, quick connectors and other high-quality products that meet the standards of GB, ISO, DIN and other standards; also cover products such as caps, springs and hydraulic seals.

2. Hose joint and hose crimping form:
1. Stripping the outer rubber buckle requires stripping the outer rubber layer of a certain length. It is suitable for standard steel wire braided hoses such as GB / T 3683-92, GB / T 10544-03, DIN20022, SAE100R1A / R2A and steel wire wound hoses.
2. The non-peeling outer rubber withholding process is simple and suitable for fiber braided hoses and steel wire braided hoses such as SAE100RIAT / R2AT.
3. Stripping the inside and outside rubber
Need to peel off a certain length of the inner rubber layer and outer rubber layer, known as the interlocking safety type crimping type hose connector , suitable for GB / T10544-89 large diameter pipe SAER12, DIN20023-4SH and other high-pressure steel wire wound hose.

Third, the hose joint and hose connection form:
1. Fully crimped high - pressure hose connector . 2. Detachable hardcover joint. 3. Vulcanized joints and low-pressure fittings.
The connection with the pipeline is divided into: ABCDEFKMQWA.WB.WC.HD.HC and other forms of hose assembly, the length of the hose is not limited, as short as a few tenths to hundreds of meters.

Type A Type B
Simple description of joint code Description of simple joint code Description A and welded pipe joints are connected with "O" -shaped seals on the contact surface H with "O" -type seals, connected with the sleeve type or 24 cone angle joint B and Card sleeve or 24 taper joint connection IC with spherical or same-angle taper joint connection J with spherical or same-angle taper joint connection D and 24 or 60 taper angle joint connection K with U-shaped card connection, For coal mines, E is connected with the ferrule type pipe joint, M is connected with the welded pipe joint, the "O" ring seal F is connected by a SAE split flange, the "O" ring seal O is connected with a hollow hinge bolt, and the two end faces are combined. Ring seal G is connected to the same angle taper type pipe joint P is connected to 74 flare type pipe joint

all fitting-02.jpgall fitting-010.jpg
all fitting-011.jpgf1.jpg
f7-2.jpgfitting 71 1.jpg
fitting 72 1.jpgfitting 73 1.jpg
fitting 76 1.jpgfitting 77 1.jpg

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